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Red Fox in Kent, Connecticut.

I have almost 30 years of extensive professional experience in land conservation that is based on sound peer-reviewed science that I integrate into every aspect of my work. While much of my work is focused on Northwestern Connecticut, I have conducted ecological studies on some of the largest conservation transactions in the Eastern United States, including sites in the Adirondacks, the Green Mountains, the White Mountains, and the Great North Woods of Maine. My reports are well-known for their exceptional quality and their deeply informative nature that places them above the strictly technical writing of most other workers. I write not only to inform and document but to inspire while giving the land the focus that it deserves. In many cases, my work will be the only integrated study of the site. My reports have been praised by many leaders in the conservation and science communities including Stephen Small, Thomas Siccama, Marc Lapin, Mark Anderson, Tom Butler, and others.

I provide a wide range of state-of-the-art services to land trusts and private landowners in the realms of ecological science and land protection. These include:

  • Ecological Surveys
  • Baseline Documentation Reports
  • Land Stewardship and Management Plans for Forest, Field, Farms, and Wetlands
  • Habitat Restoration and Management Plans for Forest, Field, Farms, and Wetlands
  • Conservation Lands Acquisition Planning and Transactions
  • GIS Cartography
  • Aerial Photography for Monitoring Protected Lands (FAA Part 107)
  • Aerial Mapping (FAA Part 107)
  • Environmental Phase I Studies
  • General Land Trust Operations and Strategies
  • Accreditation Standards and Practices Application and Compliance
  • Land Preservation Outreach and Education
  • Container Culture of Native Trees
  • Farm Lease Development and Enforcement

In addition to my services, I can provide referrals to other proven Northeastern professionals of the highest regard who are engaged in stewardship, baseline documentation, preserve monitoring, habitat restoration, arboriculture, rare plant and animal identification and surveys, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, conservation law, forestry, Accreditation, OSWA and other grant writing, computer and network infrastructure, land appraisals, real estate, and more. I do not receive nor will I accept commissions for referrals. All of my recommendations are based on my desire to advance conservation work in a manner that reflects peer-reviewed science and national land trust standards.

You can contact me here:  http://harrywhite.org/contact/