Harry White


Colebrook, Connecticut

Expertise in New England forest ecology, old-growth ecosystems,
stream ecology, ecosystem management, grassland/meadow and farmland management, habitat and baseline analysis, landscape ecology, protected areas acquisitions and stewardship, GIS cartography, aerial photography, land trust operations, and national land trust accreditation developed over 25+ years of professional land trust experience.






Working For Land Trusts

Aerial Photography

My Drone Recommendation for Conservation Work

I have flown drones in conservation work for about 5+ years from NW CT to the ADKs to northern Maine. I have done aerial...

Photogrammetry Software Options for Mapping and Vegetation Analysis

Some of the most interesting uses of UAS deployment in science and conservation are terrain mapping and vegetation analysis. Data capture for mapping or...

The Kitchel Wilderness in Algonquin State Forest, Colebrook, CT USA

The Kitchel Wilderness is an almost 600-acre block within Algonquin State Forest (2545 acres) in Colebrook, northwestern Connecticut USA. It is a state-designated Natural...

Aerial Reconnaissance of a DEEP Rabbit Clearcut

Here are sample images showing the power of UAS in capturing imagery that would otherwise never be seen by the public. It is important...